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Little Fire x Acton Vale 

Co-produced by The Margie Gillis Dance Foundation

From July 12-July 19th, a group from Little Fire traveled to Acton Vale, Québec to participate in a residency co-produced by The Margie Gillis Dance Foundation. Savannah Dunn, Jamie Greco, Celine Spinka-Obrien, and Frances Whitford spent their days in the studio generating new ideas and movement scores which will be shared publicly at future Little Fire events. 


Little Fire would like to thank The Margie Gillis Dance Foundation for their invitation and support during this wonderful exchange. As a member of The Margie Gillis Legacy Project, Little Fire's Frances Whitford feels extremely grateful for this unique opportunity to create in a truly magical place. Learn more about The Margie Gillis Dance Foundation here

Choreography: Savannah Dunn
Dancers: Jamie Greco, Celine Spinka O'Brien 

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