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Donations cover studio space rentals and provide support for emerging artists 

Suggested Donation Amounts and Potential Uses

10.00                        Cover a Bill

                                          cover our Vimeo or website fees for a month

25.00                      Help us Train

                                      two hours of studio space for 4-8 dancers to take class 

50.00                      Fund Creative Exploration

                                      four hours of studio space, roughly equal to a minute of choreography

60.00                      Create a Costume Budget

                                       fabrics, footwear, props, and leotards

100.00                      Hire a Mentor

                                       assist paying a respected mentor for an artistic feedback session

300.00                     Make A Dance

                                          covers studio space for a three-week choreographic process

400.00-                Create Artist Stipends

800.00                       help pay artists for their labor during a three-week process

Become a Patron


You could create a residency for your favorite Little Fire choreographer,  fund several new dance works, pay a collaborator, pay for a venue, or sponsor a season of artist stipends. Please contact us to become a regular donor and provide more comprehensive support. 

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