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Hanna DiLorenzo

Hello there and welcome to little fire! My name is Hanna DiLorenzo and I am a lover of movement exploration and testing the boundaries of our ideas of performance.
I began my dance training at the Draper Center for Dance Education and then carried on to earn a BFA at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. During my senior year I joined the inaugural class of the Hubbard Street Professional Training Program (HS Pro) under the incredible direction of Alexandra Wells. In 2019 I attended Springboard Danse Montreal and performed works by Fernando Melo and Jason Mabana. Upon graduating HS Pro I’ve had the immense privilege of working for artists such as FLOCK Works, Alysia Johnson, and Robyn Mineko Williams and Artists.  Among dance, I’m in love with nature, dogs of all kinds, reading, and the malleability of space and time within our universe.
little fire is near and dear to my heart because it is a collective of incredible and unique artists who just want to spend their days dancing. Born out of uncertainty, we aim to bring our community nourishment through dance. 


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