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Jaryd Jensen

Hey I'm Jaryd.  I have worked in video production for more than 10 years in the Chicago area.  Before that I watched a lot of movies.  Inspired by understated and quietly inventive films, I try to draw on what makes subjects naturally fascinating - better to be competent and dependable and present the world with material that draws a viewer in simply by being itself.  
I grew up in the 90's and went to film school (Columbia College) during the digital revolution.  In 2012, I had my first foray into theater, which eventually led to my first film festivaled short: Yes, So.  In 2021, I worked on my first dance video, Sleepless, with Savannah Dunn.  The process was amazing and since then have been more and more interested in filming dance: the form, the energy, the expressive nature and challenge of it.  Filming and lighting dance shows with the warm, welcoming, and talented artists in Little Fire has been such a rewarding experience.  So much heart is put into their productions, that it always feels wonderful to collaborate with them.
When not scheming about making art, I can be found at the beach, mesmerized.  Or on a bus, reading a book.  Or ensconced at the Music Box, looking forward to its next 24 hour movie marathon.


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