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Michelle Skiba

Hi, hello! I'm Michelle.
I grew up in an immigrant household in Chicago. I used to be embarrassed of my modest beginning, but now I look back on it with pride.
I found dance as a child. I would twirl and swirl in my living room with unabashed joy and freedom. It was my connection to wonder and possibility. As time went on and I grew older, dance remained a constant thread in my life story.  

My journey has brought me to a moment steeped in stillness and reflection. I’m looking backward to go forward; looking inward to go outward. The future is both unknown and known, sprinkled with unforeseen possibilities. My little fire is fueled by the desire to connect with others, to align myself with service, and to reconnect with my memory of a younger self who danced and dreamed in her living room.

(P.S. When not dancing, you can find me taking long walks or struggling with parallel parking.) 


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