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Rachel Ferring

Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, I graduated from the Boston Conservatory in 2017 and then moved to Chicago to train under Alexandra Wells at Hubbard Street’s Professional Program (HS Pro). I spent 2019/2020 as an Apprentice with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. My passion for dance comes from my Grandma Mary Ann, who was a professional dancer herself, and has been pointing my toes since day one. I believe in the importance of family and community, loving unconditionally, supporting, and actively listening to your people. It takes a village.


My dance career has taught me that it’s important to have other interests and passions outside of dance for sanity and balance. Playing guitar, singing, yoga, walks in nature, and taking care of others provides me with that balance and fuels my little fire! I’ve been described as kindred, self-motivated, scrappy, and loyal. If I wasn’t a human I would want to be a dog or a tree. I would want the attention as a dog, but I think being a tree would be good for me, rooted with strength and dignity, continually growing towards the sun. 


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