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Savannah Dunn

I danced with Columbus Dance Theater, Hubbard Street’s Professional Development Program, Butler University’s Dance Department, and freelanced in Chicago. I’ve choreographed work for the Indianapolis Arts Festival, Columbus Dances Grant Fellowship, and Hubbard Street Professional Programs December Showcase. My work has been shown at the Studebaker Theater in Chicago, Fisher’s Theater in Columbus, and The Schrott Center in Indianapolis. I am a better choreographer when I get to work with smart collaborators and dancers. I want to respect the intellectual input of everyone who contributes to the projects I lead. 

I grew up in Boise, Idaho. I camped, road tripped, and saw the great deserts and mountains of the American West. My family lived on five acres in a log cabin with sheep and border collies. We used a wood stove for heat in the winters. I feel safer in the woods than the city. 

I have two brothers who are over six feet tall. Ford and Lochlann taught me how to defend an opinion and cheat in a fight. They pull me down when I start to take myself too seriously. My mom is an emergency room nurse who is also an artist and a mermaid. She made huge gardens around our log cabin that were full of butterflies and weeds. My Dad is a chemical engineer and a geologist and a programmer and an adventurer. He taught me to be curious and willing to go into the unknown. My partner Alec is an anarchist, a Union leader, and a card-carrying socialist. He makes me cackle. I learn from and respect more people than I can list here. 

I’m a storyteller who spent a lot of time learning to dance. I worry too much. Choreography lets me express the things I don’t feel ready to put into words. I’m trying to figure out how to live a balanced life. My biggest regret in life is that I can’t be a witch. 


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